Email Marketing for Construction Companies

TopBuilder’s Email Marketing software helps you effortlessly connect with your new and current customers.

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Effective Email Marketing for Construction Companies

We’ve designed our email marketing software to help construction companies easily and effectively communicate with customers, prospects, and industry contacts. With TopBuilder, we help you build targeted communications through mass email campaigns, drip campaigns, and one-on-one emails. 

Easily send laser-focused emails.

Building an email list is one of the first steps to email marketing. Since our email marketing software is connected to our CRM, you can quickly target your email list by focusing on different variables, such as building owner, property manager, industry, job status, job type, location, lead source, and more. Helping you send laser-focused emails in minutes.

Automate your email marketing.

TopBuilder includes lead capture tools that collect leads from your website and third-party resources. Once the lead is captured, TopBuilder automatically responds to the new lead, assigns the lead to the correct sales rep, sends an alert to your team, assigns a follow-up plan, and sets a priority automatically. No extra work required from you or your team.

Segment your email lists.

All of our email marketing software connects to the TopBuilder CRM, so all of your lead and customer information is in one location.

This means you can segment your email lists in multiple ways. All you need is the information correctly added to the CRM.

To segment your email list, simply select the desired field and make your selection. That’s it, simple and effective.

Email Segmentation

Use Pre-Built Email Templates

The last thing you should have to worry about is building your own email templates. At TopBuilder, we build personalized and branded email templates for you. That way, you can begin updating all your leads and customers as soon as you’re trained to use TopBuilder’s email marketing software.

Monitor email effectiveness.

TopBuilder offers advanced tracking with each email marketing campaign. This means you’ll know when the potential buyer opens the email, clicks an item in the email, or if there was a sending error. This gives you important insights into your open-rates and your click-through-rates.

Build drip campaigns.

TopBuilder offers the ability quickly and easily build drip campaigns. These drip campaigns are based on the status of the potential buyer. Which means you can build numerous drip campaigns and quickly change which drip campaign is assigned to each lead and customers. 

Construction Email Marketing Example Templates

Get started with custom templates.

TopBuilder builds personalized and branded email templates for each new construction company.

We build these email templates so it’s easier for you to get started. Additionally, we build these email templates, so you know each email is working and displaying exactly as you intended.

What Construction Companies Say About TopBuilder


“This hits on all of our requirements. A big driver for us is to get away from the stand alone DB/Spreadsheets like the access tracking tool we created, and have an integrated solution with our ERP. Also, to have a single, standard system where we can capture and track all of our bids by region and by sales rep.

Colleen Ward


MB Haynes

“Amongst some of the standout features, the Bid module has provided our organization with a resource to ensure that all nine (9) of our Divisions are aware of invitations to bid, as well as bidding deadlines being met.”

Page Porter

Corporate CRM Project Manager

Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler Company Logo

“With TopBuilder Solutions, we can be more selective and choose to bid jobs where they have a higher win ratio, customer pays on time, etc. Thereby increasing our win ratio!”

Drew Robbins

VP Operations

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