How Contractors Can Overcome IT Challenges

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Tip #1:  Select the right construction technology Partner

According to a recent JBKnowledge Survey, the major obstacle construction professionals face when adopting new technology is the lack of IT staff to properly support it. 

Yet to meet both consumer and employee demands, implementing tech solutions is a must in today’s construction industry to stay relevant and be competitive.

If you’re facing IT staff challenges, choosing the right technology provider will ensure outstanding success stories.

Questions to consider as you evaluate and select solution partners who will deliver based on your unique needs.

  • Do they offer a comprehensive Implementation strategy? 

  • Do they offer ongoing Unlimited Support and Daily Live Training? 

  • Is their solution developed solely for the construction industry or is it generic, with a few “band aid” construction features added on? 

  • Do their customers compare in size and revenue to your organization?  And can they back-up their success with proven ROI?

  • Is their solution comprehensive and easily integrated with your current systems? 

  • Will they continue to collaborate and help you avoid disruption, remain competitive, and help support your future goals?

About TopBuilder Solutions:  We provide an airtight integration to Spectrum that delivers a CRM, marketing and sales solution used by the most successful and innovative construction contractors.  If you're considering new technology but are hesitant based on IT Staff challenges, we'd love to demonstrate how we partner with our clients to make technolgy easy, boost sales, and win profits.

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