CRM for General Contractors

You are managing it ALL, coordinating the information and documents for every client, job and sub -contractor. TopBuilder CRM was designed with the communication tools that keep job information in one location so General Contractors can make critical decisions on the fly.

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CRM for General Contractors

Our experience as engineers, construction business owners and CRM developers, taught us that growing a successful business is not just about lead management, it's about seeing the big picture that only happens when your critical date is in one place.

If you are a general contractor or construction management company, here is what we have just for you:

  • Access and update all your contacts or task from one page

  • Maintain your contacts, opportunities, jobs and activities

  • Always know the status, due dates and next step of a bid with alerts, by email, text and/or calendar invite

  • Store job information contact information like bids, drawings and other critical data with the job

  • Stay in front of your jobs and opportunities with marketing and action plans that get attention

  • Keep your crews and equipment visible at all times with the Job Board/Calendar

  • Customizable follow-up and workflow plans optimize every step in the job processes

  • Have the information you need, to know every job will be profitable

  • Offering specialty services, go to the Specialty Contractors  page to see what else we have.


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