TopBuilder CRM for Spectrum

With TopBuilder CRM for Spectrum you are enabling your business to leverage both pipeline (sales) and actual job data for complete and accurate dashboards, reports and forecasts. Imagine the ability to forecast, measure and monitor revenue, job requirements and sales/bid performance in one place.

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TopBuilder CRM for Spectrum

  • New Jobs and Work Orders added to Spectrum when awarded
  • Multiple Spectrum Company Codes (by Division/Location, User)
  • New Customers and Contacts added to Spectrum
  • Job status updated from Spectrum (workflow applied)
  • Data conversion option pulls in all your Customers and Contacts from Spectrum
  • New customers and jobs added to Spectrum and added to Spectrum CRM Nightly
  • Job History, Job Financials and Job Summary updated from Spectrum (including start/end dates, and contract amounts)
  • Financial Summary updated from Spectrum
  • Invoice History Updated from Spectrum
  • New customers in Spectrum added to TopBuilder
  • New Jobs added to Spectrum added to TopBuilder as Job/Lead with new workflow


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