How to Move Inventory Quickly

Quickly selling new home inventory requires several tools for builders, developers, and realtors. Any playbook should include intelligent lead management plus benefits above and beyond.

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Modern Doesn't Have to be Expensive

What happens when you have completed specs, open lots, new models or you are establishing a foothold into a new community?  How do you generate the demand you need to move this inventory without expensive marketing programs and outdated listings?

For builders, developers, and realtors, the chances of selling a new home to a single prospect are significantly increased by using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for residential sales.  Factor in that leading CRM solutions for new home sales are cloud- and subscription-based, with minimal investment, ROI is 110% achievable.

Leverage Your Marketing Efforts

Sales professionals are meeting consumer demand by offering newer online tools such as virtual tours and real-time design sites in addition to traditional tools such as Website/social media channels, open houses, and realtor events.  They rely on third-party home buyer sources like Zillow, and for lead services.

Yet without a solution in place to monitor and nurture prospects, how effective will these efforts be?

New home sales professionals should plan and execute a strategy built on a collection of interested buyers and buyer influencers, including prospects, realtors, friends and family of prospects. 

Capturing data into a solution like CRM, they can easily become a "sphere of influence" and promote inventory, keep prospects engaged, and ultimately succeed with more sales closing faster.

With Just a Few Clicks, Sales Professionals can . . . 

  • Develop targeted email campaigns that list events (open houses, realtor events, community grand openings and more)
  • Execute Automated Drip Campaigns to offer buying incentives (pricing reductions; new financing options)
  • Connect with buyers where they are 24/7 via Text/SMS messages
  • Gather even more intelligence about individual home buyers to develop a personalized marketing strategy
  • Continually offer calls to action to stay engaged

New home sales professionals equipped with a solution like CRM--one that leverages all the other tools they currently use--will be be amazed with an abundant pipeline of appointments that result in a quicker sales cycle.

Sample emails that engage and influence


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