Making our customers happy!

  • Mike Salomon, President Sandcastle Homes, Inc.

    We tried several CRM's prior to TopBuilder Solutions. The others were cumbersome, which caused internal resistance, which led to failure in implementation. TopBuilder has been simpler and much more user-friendly. And we love the newsletter integration. But, above all, the biggest difference has been in customer support. Dave has been awesome in meeting our needs, whether it's training, creating routines to import data, or even modifying the software itself to improve the functionality. I am a fan and always recommend Top Builder to our 20 Club members and anyone else who will listen. Keep up the good work.

  • Holly Arestides, Operations Manager  Impression Homes, LLC

    "Impression Homes signed up with TopBuilder Solutions in 2013. At that time we had 6 sales consultants and needed a platform to assist us with managing the leads we were getting from our website, walk ins, etc.. The first year we handled over 939 leads with 127 successful house closings. Fast forward to 2016 and we are handling 4 times that volume, and we are on track to close over 400 houses this year. Many factors go into this type of growth in our industry, but TopBuilder has been an essential partner of Impression Homes. We feel they have directly impacted our ability to capture and convert leads."

  • Cat Hollenbach - Marketing Manager Pennsylvania Production Builder

    Thank you Erik. These last two days have been eye-opening. You have done a tremendous job setting us on the right path. Full-days of back-to-back training can be exhausting and a strain as we all work to be present and learn while keeping background projects moving, but you made the training engaging and fun. We appreciated your sales/lead management perspectives and problem solving, and the tone you set for this session was inspiring and helpful.

  • John Leggett, President On Point Custom Homes

    TopBuilder Solutions is exactly what I need to ensure my marketing investments are not wasted and ensure no sales opportunities are lost. Additionally, we do a more effective job selling while spending a lot less time.
  • Jeff Williams, CFO/Principal Kinsmen Homes & Davis Builders

    The time savings and convenience of combining initial prospect data capture and the ability to define a customized follow-up program that integrates with TopBuilder Solutions' calendar, tasks, newsletter, contacts and email marketing is particularly critical to our overall prospect management objectives.
  • Adam S. Letke - Sales and Marketing Manager Mueller Homes, Inc.

    Wow! If that is not service I don't know what is! It's very cool to be working with TopBuilder Solutions and see that kind of response.

  • Ron Chamberlain - Sales and Operations Manager Sierra Classic Custom Homes

    And, just to let you know, I am getting rave reviews from our sales managers who have started fully implementing the program and we’ve already got some great customer feedback. Everyone is very pleased, and I wanted to thank you for all your hard work in helping to tailor your system to meet our needs.

  • Shauna White - Principal Broker | New Home Sales Division Manager Portland Home Team Realtors


  • Sales Manager Contract Exteriors-South Carolina

    TopBuilder Solutions is making a difference within the first 24 hours. We are organized, following up with our prospects and it’s awesome.
  • Jessica Sommer, Business Development Manager Riverway Homes & Legend Homes

    The reports and analytics in TopBuilder Solutions are the best reports I have ever seen in a CRM system...and I have seen a lot. They analyze our traffic, sales activities, our performance and our marketing efforts so we know exactly what we are doing right and where we can improve!

  • Home Builder Marketing Consultant LC Homes - Delaware

    I started using it all day today and LOVED it! I love calling and emailing leads with something meaningful to get them to their next step and a contract, so it made me so much more productive. Have 2 appts for Saturday and plan to work hard for more this weekend. I really appreciate your professionalism and upbeat attitude. This will really help increase conversion for me.
  • Production Builder - President/Owner Houston, Tx

    I spoke to our Realtor this morning she is finding the system more useful than our previous CRM software. She particularly likes the email reminders for follow ups. It’s working, we have three contracts possibly to write today and tomorrow.

  • Charlie Murphy, Owner and Jeremy Blackstock, Sales Manager Icon Building Group - Algonquin, IL

    This is by far the best CRM system out there at IBS 2015!!!

  • Custom Builder Florida

    The Builder Newsletter and automated follow-up tasks allow me to enter the prospect data once and they automatically get a phone call from my admin and start receiving our newsletter.
  • Company Sales Manager

    TopBuilder Solutions allows us to focus our resources in the right places. We were not able to do that with our previous Builder CRM application

  • Home Builder Marketing Consultant Riverway Homes

    This is like Christmas morning and I'm getting everything I wanted.

  • Community Sales Manager Signature Homes - AL, GA, TN

    The program is so super user friendly - I love it!

  • Business Development Manager Lillian Custom Homes

    We have worked very hard on our website and TopBuilder Solutions really helps us make the most of it...we can get it in front of a lot of people.
  • Real Estate Agent Hired by Builder Keller Williams

    We are rocking….14 sales in the last 69 days and were told another will write tomorrow. Its really a great result and I know that TopBuilder Solutions is helping us keep all these prospects straight and get them converted to buyers.

  • Sales and Marketing Manager Brock Built Homes - SC

    TopBuilder Solutions is literally, exactly what I have been looking for ... I could kiss you over the phone.
  • Sales Manager Keyland Homes - MN

    Thanks again for all you do for us:-) We are so grateful to be working with someone that cares as much as you do. Thank You!!!

  • Jeff Japhet - President Japhet Builders

    I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your help the last few days. I know im a pain but am really enjoying learning about your software. Its really helping me change my sales performances.

  • Large Production Builder - COO

    We love using conversion rates and the lead source analysis report to determine which sources of leads are the most effective. This helps us set our marketing budgets each year.

  • David Ellison - Director of Sales and Marketing Sierra Classic Custom Homes

    I've worked with a lot of home builder CRM systems and TopBuilder Solutions is by far the best and easiest to use!
  • Sales and Marketing Manager Regal Homes - Utah

    Thank you for a very informative training. I've used a lot of CRM's in my time in sales and I am impressed with how user friendly this software is.

  • Donald J. Scattergood - Vice President Mark Systems

    TopBuilder Solutions is the pound-for-pound, price-for-price best CRM system out there for home builders.

  • Claudia Clay - Owner HouseMax - NM

    The newsletter service could not possibly be easier to use.
  • Shauna White - Principal Broker | New Home Sales Division Manager Keller Williams Professionals

    Have I told you lately how much you guys rock!!??? LOVE THIS!!