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We provide effective, yet easy-to-use sales and marketing tools for contractors, home builders, and realtors.

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Specialty Contractors

We’ve built numerous software features specifically for specialty contractors. The ultimate goal is to add time back into your day, improve your margins, and reduce your stress.

A few popular features for specialty contractors:

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Home Builders

With our tools, you can easily connect with prospects, realtors, friends, and family to move your inventory quickly and efficiently.

In fact, our tools are so effective, our average home builder experiences a 100% increase in sales by using TopBuilder. 

A few popular features for home builders:

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General Contractors

Our team has built software features specifically for general contractors. The goal is to store all contacts, opportunities, jobs, activities, tasks, and resources all in one location.

That way you can access the information you need quickly and effortlessly. 

A few popular features for general contractors:

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With multiple disciplines, communication can become a challenge. Without that communication, multiple opportunities for disciplines to work together could be missed.

Our team at TopBuilder has created multiple features to increase communication between each division and create more cross-sell opportunities for your company. 

A few popular features for multi-discipline:

TopBuilder CRM

TopBuilder CRM

All your information in one location.

Our CRM is a tool that allows you to capture, organize, collaborate, follow-up, and access critical data from anywhere.

In other words, it helps keep all your company information organized and secure. Which means your entire company is on the same page and working together in unison. 

TopBuilder Quoting

Quoting has never been this easy.

Our primary goal was to make quoting easier, quicker, and more effective. That way you could confidently quote in minutes versus hours. 

With TopBuilder’s Quoting Software, you can:

  • Create professional designed quotes three times faster
  • Have clients electronically approve quotes with our new e-signature capabilities
  • Track the status of each quote and receive alerts for set goal completions
  • And much more…
TopBuilder e-signature
Job Resource Calendar

Job Resource Management

Review your job resources at a glance.

With so many moving parts, it helps to see where your job resources are and what’s available. 

With our job resource management, you can:

  • View and manage your crews, equipment, vehicles, etc.
  • View your resources on multiple schedules and calendars (week, work week, month)
  • And much more…

Additional Features For

Contractors & Home Builders

Email Marketing

Email Integrations

Newsletter Package

Proposal Software

Mobile CRM

Document Storage

Content Management

Bid Management

Lead Capturing Tools

Website Tracking

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