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We provide effective, yet easy-to-use preconstruction, sales, and marketing software for contractors, home builders, new home sales, and real estate professionals. 

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Software designed for contractors, home builders, and realtors.

Time management is important, especially for contractors, home builders, and real estate professionals.

You can add hours back into your day by speeding up your preconstruction, sales, and marketing tasks, such as emails, newsletters, bids, proposals, quotes, and more. 

These time savings can lead to more revenue, more profitability, and even more time with your family & friends. 

Our team at TopBuilder has built software features specifically for you. With the goal to add time back into your day, improve your margins, and reduce your stress.

Below we’ll highlight just a few of our most popular features, but know we have over a dozen features to help you and your business grow.

Who we help.

Specialty Contractors

We’ve built numerous software features specifically for specialty contractors. The ultimate goal is to add time back into your day, improve your margins, and reduce your stress.

A few popular features for specialty contractors:

Who we help.

Home Builders

With our tools, you can easily connect with prospects, realtors, friends, and family to move your inventory quickly and efficiently.

In fact, our tools are so effective, our average home builder experiences a 100% increase in sales by using TopBuilder.

A few popular features for home builders:

Who we help.

General Contractors

Our team has built software features specifically for general contractors. The goal is to store all contacts, opportunities, jobs, activities, tasks, and resources all in one location.

That way you can access the information you need quickly and effortlessly. 

A few popular features for general contractors:

Who we help.


With multiple disciplines, communication can become a challenge. Without that communication, multiple opportunities for disciplines to work together could be missed.

Our team at TopBuilder has created multiple features to increase communication between each division and create more cross-sell opportunities for your company. 

A few popular features for multi-discipline:

TopBuilder CRM

All your information in one place.

Our CRM is a tool that allows you to capture, organize, collaborate, follow-up, and access critical data from anywhere.

In other words, it helps keep all your company information organized and secure. Which means your entire company is on the same page and working together in unison. 

Proposal Software

Create new proposals in minutes.

It’s important to deliver professional looking proposals to your prospects. However, building those proposals doesn’t have to take a lot of your time. 

With our proposal builder, you can:

  • Quickly combine multiple documents into a single proposal (cover pages, references, etc.)
  • Duplicate previous proposals – simply update customer & job information and you’re done
  • Deliver proposals in multiple formats, whichever format your clients prefer
  • And much more…
Proposal Software for Specialty Contractors
Specialty Contractor Quoting Software

Quoting Software

Quoting has never been easier.

Our primary goal was to make quoting easier, quicker, and more effective. That way you could confidently quote in minutes versus hours. 

With TopBuilder Quoting, you can:

  • Create professional designed quotes three times faster
  • Have clients electronically approve quotes with our new e-signature capabilities
  • Track the status of each quote and receive alerts for set goal completions
  • And much more…

Additional Features For

Contractors, Home Builders, and Realtors

Email Marketing

Email Integrations

Newsletter Package

Proposal Software

Mobile CRM

Document Storage

Content Management

Bid Management

Lead Capturing Tools

Website Tracking


Customer Service

It’s important to our team to clearly explain to you how we provide exceptional customer service.

Customer service that will continue to raise the industry standard. Below we will highlight a few of our key programs.



You’ll be glad to hear we complete our implementations within one month.

We do this because we know the sooner you can complete the implementation, the sooner you’ll see results. below we will highlight a few of our key implementation steps.

Just a few of our happy customers.

What Our Customers Say About TopBuilder


“This hits on all of our requirements. A big driver for us is to get away from the stand alone DB/Spreadsheets like the access tracking tool we created, and have an integrated solution with our ERP. Also, to have a single, standard system where we can capture and track all of our bids by region and by sales rep.

Colleen Ward


ONPOINT custom homes

“TopBuilder is exactly what I need to ensure my marketing investments are not wasted and ensure no sales opportunities are lost. Additionally, we do a more effective job selling while spending a lot less time.”

John Leggett


Sierra Classic Custom Homes

“I’ve worked with a lot of home builder CRM systems and TopBuilder is by far the best and easiest to use!

David Ellison

Director of Sales & Marketing

MB Haynes

“Amongst some of the standout features, the Bid module has provided our organization with a resource to ensure that all nine (9) of our Divisions are aware of invitations to bid, as well as bidding deadlines being met.”

Page Porter

Corporate CRM Project Manager

Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler Company Logo

“With TopBuilder Solutions, we can be more selective and choose to bid jobs where they have a higher win ratio, customer pays on time, etc. Thereby increasing our win ratio!”

Drew Robbins

VP Operations


“We tried several CRM’s prior to TopBuilder. The others were cumbersome, which caused internal resistance, which led to failure in implementation. TopBuilder has been simpler and much more user-friendly.

Mike Salomon


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