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5 Email Marketing Tips for Contractors.

Here is a starter guide to creating a successful email marketing campaign. 

5 Email Marketing Tips for Contractors

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The average person receives over 100 emails a day.
With many of us receiving far more than that. 

To save time, energy, and sanity, we all quickly learn to spot important emails and ignore the rest. With everyone receiving this much clutter, sending your own mass emails can become an absolute headache. It’s a necessary headache, but still a headache. 

Now, more than ever, contractors need to know how to make their emails stand out from all the noise. To get prospects, current customers, and previous customers to not only open the email, but interact with the content inside. 

Don’t worry, over the past decade, we’ve sent hundreds of thousands of emails for home builders and contractors. We’ve gained incredible insight into what emails work and which emails don’t. 

From this experience, we’ve outlined the top 5 components necessary to have an effective email campaign. Getting you one step closer to higher open rates, and more importantly, higher conversion rates.

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