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Customer Service

TopBuilder Customer Service

Raising the bar...

There are a lot of companies that claim to have the best customer service.

However, many fall short in proving it. It was important to our team to clearly explain to you how we provide exceptional customer service. Customer service that will continue to raise the industry standard.

Below we’ll highlight the six programs you’ll experience while working with TopBuilder.

TopBuilder Customer Service

1. Dedicated Support Manager

Each TopBuilder customer is assigned to a dedicated account and support manager.  Your support team will be your direct contact for all your setup, support, training and account needs. 

TopBuilder Customer Service

2. Unlimited Training

TopBuilder provides unlimited daily, live, web-based train 5 days a week for as long as you are a customer.  There are no limits, attend as many classes as you would like.

TopBuilder Customer Service

3. Unlimited Support

TopBuilder offers unlimited email and phone support. 
You may email the support team or call our support line anytime.

TopBuilder Customer Service

4. End-to-end Setup Services

TopBuilder takes care of all the setup for you.  We setup your account, migrate your data, customize your account setup, brand your emails/newsletter, setup your interfaces, and connect TopBuilder to your website to capture your leads. Once the setup is done, we walk you through the setup and show you how to make changes.

TopBuilder Customer Service

5. Help Center

The TopBuilder help center is a library of videos, how to guides, FAQ’s, and more.  We even record your individual training sessions which is available in the help center for your entire company to access….but only your company.

TopBuilder Customer Service

6. Industry Consulting

Our employees are seasoned construction professionals, engineers, and have deep roots in CRM and software consulting.  TopBuilder’s experience, best practices, and years of success in construction and software is part of your subscription.  Our mission is for you to meet your goals.

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"Wow! If that is not service I don't know what is! It's very cool to be working with TopBuilder Solutions and see that kind of response."
Adam S. Letke
Mueller Homes, Inc.