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Collect important insights whenever a lead returns to your website. 

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Track each and every lead. 

As soon as a potential buyer fills out any of your contact forms, TopBuilder’s Website Tracking software is able to track their current and future activity on your website. This gives you and your sales team important insights into the content that interests your top leads the most.  

Know which pages they’ve seen.

With TopBuilder’s Website Tracking software, you and your team will be able to see which pages they visited on your website  

You will be able to access the full list of pages by accessing the Lead History being stored in the TopBuilder CRM. This will outline each and every page the contact visited on your website. 

Know how long they’ve looked.

In addition to knowing which pages your prospects are viewing, you can now see the date and time of their visit.  

TopBuilder’s Lead History will outline the visit date and time, the title of the webpage, and the page URL. This makes it even easier to see how long they visited different pages on your website.  

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Receive Automated Alerts

It’s a huge help to sales teams to know which leads are the most likely to buy or know who they should be calling first. 

TopBuilder’s Website Tracking software will send the “owner” of a lead an automated alert notifying them when that key prospect has returned to the company website.  

This notification will let them know which contact visited the company website and specify the date, time, and webpage they viewed 

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What Our Customers Say About TopBuilder

ONPOINT custom homes

“TopBuilder is exactly what I need to ensure my marketing investments are not wasted and ensure no sales opportunities are lost. Additionally, we do a more effective job selling while spending a lot less time.”

John Leggett


Sierra Classic Custom Homes

“I’ve worked with a lot of home builder CRM systems and TopBuilder is by far the best and easiest to use!

David Ellison

Director of Sales & Marketing


“We tried several CRM’s prior to TopBuilder. The others were cumbersome, which caused internal resistance, which led to failure in implementation. TopBuilder has been simpler and much more user-friendly.

Mike Salomon


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