Website Tracking & Analytics

Track your prospective buyer’s behavior each time they return to your website. 

Website Traffic Alert

Collect important insights.

As soon as a potential buyer fills out any of your contact forms, we’ll be able to track their previous, current, and future activity on your website. Not only will our website tracking tools tell you the source of this lead, but it will also tell you:

  • Which pages they visited
  • How much time they spent on those pages
  • And which of your content interested them the most
Website Tracking Details

Know when they return.

Strike while the iron is hot. This statement couldn’t be more true for sales. 

With TopBuilder’s website tools, we alert you when your key prospects return to your website. 

Since we are tracking their activity, your sales teams will know exactly what to discuss with them.

Looking at construction software?

Looking at Construction Software?

In this ebook, we’ll outline fifteen questions you should be asking software providers when you’re reviewing their software. 

By asking these fifteen questions, you’ll be one step closer to finding the best construction software company for you and your business.

"The reports and analytics in TopBuilder Solutions are the best reports I have ever seen in a CRM system...and I have seen a lot. They analyze our traffic, sales activities, our performance and our marketing efforts so we know exactly what we are doing right and where we can improve!"
Jessica Sommer
Riverway Homes & Legend Homes

Interested in our website tracking & analytics?

Schedule a personalized walk-through to see how website tracking can enhance your sales team’s capabilities. 


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