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Manage all of your client documentation easily with TopBuilder’s Document Storage software 

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All your documents in one location. 

The TopBuilder CRM includes document storage capabilities. This means you can upload and store all of your documents in one location. Once uploaded into the TopBuilder CRM, you can easily connect that documentation to a job, lead, customer, task, quote, etc.

Increased collaboration.

It’s common to have multiple sales members working on multiple bids, upsells, cross sells, etc.

With TopBuilder’s Document Storage, each member of your team can see exactly which documents each client has seen. This helps your team stay connected and help them avoid any costly mistakes.  

Manage all your client information.

TopBuilder’s Document Storage software helps you store and manage all of your client information.

In other words, you can store all client information, such as client documents, requests for proposals, master service agreements, job photos, job specifications, and more.  

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Share with your team, from anywhere.

TopBuilder’s Document Storage software makes it easy for your team to send tasks to different departments with documents attached. These tasks are then added to that employee’s daily agenda that can be viewed on their CRM dashboard.  

This makes communication & collaboration seamless and part of their average workday. Helping your team stay connected whether they’re in the office or not.  

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Organize all of your documents.

Keeping all your documents in one place is important but being able to find them quickly is crucial. With TopBuilder’s Document Storage software, you can categorize and attach your documents to jobs, leads & opportunities, accounts & customers, contacts, quotes, individual tasks, etc.  

This feature helps you find all of your important documents quickly and easily without having to search countless folders. 

View on any web-enabled device.

TopBuilder is a cloud-based platform. This means you can access your information from any web-enabled device.  

This means you can access and review all of your documentation from anywhere, with your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.  

Multiple File Types - Content Management

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Accepting Multiple File Types

To make the document storage software easier to use, we’ve expanded the list of compatible files types you can store and manage within TopBuilder. TopBuilder current supports these major file types: 

  • HTML 
  • Images (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF) 
  • Microsoft Excel  
  • Microsoft Word 
  • PDF  
  • Plain Text  

What Our Customers Say About TopBuilder

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“With TopBuilder Solutions, we can be more selective and choose to bid jobs where they have a higher win ratio, customer pays on time, etc. Thereby increasing our win ratio!”

Drew Robbins

VP Operations

MB Haynes

“Amongst some of the standout features, the Bid module has provided our organization with a resource to ensure that all nine (9) of our Divisions are aware of invitations to bid, as well as bidding deadlines being met.”

Page Porter

Corporate CRM Project Manager


“This hits on all of our requirements. A big driver for us is to get away from the stand alone DB/Spreadsheets like the access tracking tool we created, and have an integrated solution with our ERP. Also, to have a single, standard system where we can capture and track all of our bids by region and by sales rep.

Colleen Ward


Document Storage

See how TopBuilder’s Document Storage can help you manage all of your documentation easily.