Lead Capturing Tools

Automatically capture, categorize, prioritize, and assign follow-up plans to your leads. 

Easily Collect Leads

Easily collect your leads.

Each month you’ll receive multiple leads, from multiple sources, at various times, all with different requests. This can lead to an immense amount of information that can get out of hand quickly. 

With TopBuilder’s lead collection software, we will automatically capture these leads from your website and your third-party resources. 

Additionally, all of their lead information is collected in their client history. That way all of their information can be seen and reviewed at a glance.

Respond immediately.

We know how important it is to respond to leads quickly. With such a strong emphasis on speed, we’ve expanded our auto response features to give you an advantage.

With TopBuilder’s lead capturing tools, you can:

  • Build alerts and reminders notifying you of a new lead or inquiry immediately
  • Respond immediately to client requests with professional auto-responses
  • Automatically assigned each lead to the correct agent or community the moment it arrives
  • Automatically add prospects, agents, and contacts to your newsletter
Track Important Information

Track the information that matters most.

Knowing the source of your leads can help explain which marketing efforts are working and which ones aren’t.

With TopBuilder’s lead collection tools, we’ll automatically collect the source of your leads and inquiries. That way you’ll know exactly how they came to you.

Interested in our lead capturing tools?

Schedule a personalized walk-through to see how our lead capturing tools can help you collect, organize, and respond to your leads quickly.


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