Integration Overview

Unlock the powerful benefits of real-time synchronization with the Acumatica Construction Edition and TopBuilder CRM integration.

How it works:

Acumatica Construction Edition Integration Summary

With TopBuilder CRM for Acumatica Construction Edition, you are enabling your business to leverage both TopBuilder CRM and Acumatica Construction Edition data for complete and accurate customer information, job history, job financials, dashboards, bid scorecards, reports, and forecasts.  

In other words, you will be able to forecast, measure, and monitor your company’s revenue, job requirements, and sale/bid performance. You will also be able to use customer, job, and financial history to score and prioritize your bids! 

By employing TopBuilder CRM for Acumatica Construction Edition, you can integrate all the critical details together so that you can manage the job with efficiency, reduce data entry time, and reduce the possibility of mistakes.

TopBuilder and Acumatica Integration Diagram

Real-Time job & work order updates.

Your job status updates in Acumatica Construction Edition are updated instantly in the TopBuilder CRM. These job/lead updates can trigger new workflows to start within TopBuilder for effective marketing automation and follow–up.  

Additionally, newly awarded jobs, sales orders, and work orders are automatically synced between Acumatica Construction Edition and TopBuilder.

All your financials in one location.

To make your life even easier, we sync your job history, job financials, job summary, start/end dates, contract amounts, and job profitability.  

Additionally, your financial summaries and invoice history are automatically updated from Acumatica Construction Edition each night.

No double-entry required.

New customers and contacts are automatically added from Acumatica Construction Edition into the TopBuilder CRM.

This means there is no double entry required from you or your team and all your customer data is in one place where it belongs – in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. 

Instant updates.

Newly awarded jobs and work orders are instantly created in Acumatica Construction Edition utilizing Quick Job Setup Templates. These templates include all critical job, customer, and contact details. 

TopBuilder & Acumatica Construction Edition

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