Integration Overview

Automate your lead capture, lead assignment, and your lead routing from BDX, NewHomeSource, and

How it works:

BDX Integration Summary

TopBuilder integrates seamlessly with BDX, NewHomeSource, and This integration provides a variety of benefits.

Automated lead capture.

TopBuilder’s integration with BDX, NewHomeSource, and automates the lead capture process. This means whenever a lead fills out a contact form on BDX, NewHomeSource, and, it’ll automatically be uploaded into TopBuilder.

Automated lead assignment.

Once a contact form is complete, TopBuilder will automatically track the lead’s selections and desired community. TopBuilder will use this information to automate who will be assigned to that lead, who will receive the lead alert, and assign the correct follow-up plan for that lead. 

Automated autoresponders.

As soon as the lead is automatically added to TopBuilder and the lead assignment is made, TopBuilder will send the new lead a branded and personalized follow-up email for you.

Enhanced reporting.

TopBuilder measures and tracks the lead source, errors, and exceptions. These reports and metrics ensure no leads are lost or dropped in the data transfer.

TopBuilder & BDX

See the powerful benefits of TopBuilder’s integration with BDX.