Email and Calendar Integration

You can now connect your email and calendar accounts to the TopBuilder CRM. This includes your Outlook, Google, and iCloud accounts.

What is it?

Email Connection

The Email Connection means emails can be sent from your personal email.
In other words, emails no longer have to be sent from TopBuilder “on behalf of”

your company.

The Email Integration can be used for:
Email Campaigns
Newsletter Campaigns
Individual Emails
Follow-Up and Automated Emails
Sending Quotes, Pricing, and Proposals
Internal Emails (Reminders & Alerts)

What is it?

Calendar Connection

The Calendar Connection means calendar notifications can be sent directly to your calendar. In other words, due dates, appointments, and reminders can be added to your calendar from TopBuilder.
The calendar Integration can be used for:
Task Due Dates
Bid Due Dates
Client Appointments
Newsletter & Email Reminders
Estimator Assignments
Project Manager Assignments
Crew Assignments

Email & Calendar Integration Top Features

Easily keep track of task & bid due dates. 

Connect and manage important due dates with synchronicity between your calendar, email, and TopBuilder.

This software is used to help you can your team maintain consistency with your messaging, enforce communication standards, and improve professionalism amongst your entire team  

Email & Newsletter Campaigns

Send Quotes, Pricing, & Proposals

Internal Reminders & Alerts

Follow-Up & Automated Emails

Email and Calendar Integration

A Look Inside the Feature

Effortless Integration

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