Model, Elevation, and Option Pricing Tool

This tool for home builders simplifies the process of customizing homes, selecting elevations, and pricing options for homebuyers, enhancing the buying experience and enabling builders to efficiently manage customization requests and pricing calculations.

Model, Elevation, Option Pricing Tool for Home Builders

Key Benefits Include:

  1. Model Selection: The tool allows homebuyers to browse through different home models offered by the builder. It provides detailed information about each model, including floor plans, square footage, layout options, and included features.

  2. Elevation Selection: Homebuyers can choose from a variety of elevations or exterior designs for each home model. The tool provides visual representations of each elevation option, allowing homebuyers to compare styles, architectural details, and curb appeal.

  3. Option Selection: Homebuyers can customize their chosen home model by selecting from a range of options and upgrades. The tool provides a list of available options, such as flooring types, kitchen upgrades, bathroom fixtures, and smart home features, along with pricing information for each option.

  4. Pricing Calculations: The tool calculates the total price of the home based on the selected model, elevation, and options chosen by the homebuyer. It provides a breakdown of costs, including base price, option prices, upgrades, taxes, and fees, allowing homebuyers to see the total cost of their customized home.

  5. Documentation: Once selections are finalized, the tool generates documentation such as contracts, purchase agreements, and change orders. It includes detailed descriptions of the selected home model, elevation, options, and pricing terms, providing clarity and transparency for both the homebuyer and the builder.

  6. Integration with ERP Systems: The tool integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems used by home builders to manage customer data, inventory, and financials. This integration ensures that information about customizations, pricing, and contracts is seamlessly synced across systems, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

  7. Customer Collaboration: The tool facilitates communication and collaboration between homebuyers and builders throughout the customization and pricing process. Builders can share design options, pricing details, and updates with homebuyers in real-time, enabling a transparent and interactive experience.

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