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Customer Feedback Program

It’s simple. We want to be the best.

To do this, we are constantly reevaluating the effectiveness of our software. Always working towards making feature fixes, enhancements, and additions that truly make an impact on your bottom line.  

However, to do this effectively, we need real feedback from real users. In search for this constructive feedback, we’ve decided to build a new Customer Feedback Program.

This program will offer TopBuilder’s newest features, at no charge, to our customers for a limited amount of time.

Currently, this program is invite only. We’re limiting the number of customers in this program to a few each week. That way we can collect feedback appropriately from each customer and turn that feedback into actionable next steps.

Program Details:

  • Feature in Testing: Quoting Software
  • Duration of Testing: One Month
  • Cost of Testing: No Charge

Of course, if you or your company is interesting in using the Quoting Software after the Customer Feedback Program. We’ll give you a 10% discount on the Quoting Software as an extra thank you for helping our team.

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