Construction companies and home builders that do not effectively define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) often fail to meet sales targets linked to their strategic plan, incurring unnecessary sales and marketing expenses. Failing to track your company’s progress can lead to missed sales targets that often are not realized until it is too late to adjust.

Companies that effectively implement and monitor KPIs, using the right tools, see a significant increase in sales and a reduction in costs. They can respond to a changing marketplace by focusing or refocusing their strategies, teams, and marketing dollars in the right areas. TopBuilder makes it easy to define, track, and analyze KPIs in real-time – across your entire organization.

Our analysis tool starts with historical data to identify and define realistic KPIs for your sales, marketing, and operational teams. Companies can get sidetracked if they’re not tracking the right data points or too many data points. We make it easy to drill down to the key indicators for the organization, the divisions, and the team members, establishing annual, quarterly, and monthly metrics.

In real-time, you can monitor progress and identify trends, measuring your KPIs by revenue, sales volume, and conversions. We provide an easy-to-use dashboard to monitor your progress as well as send a daily KPI report directly to your inbox – keeping KPIs at the forefront.

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