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TopBuilder Solutions for Spectrum

Leverage Data.  Bridge the Gaps.  
Build a Bid Strategy to Boost Profits.

By leveraging Spectrum’s job data from active and historical bid outcomes, TopBuilder’s built-in analytics and reporting provides Spectrum users with valuable insights to forecast the probability of winning a bid and ensuring the job is profitable.

Stating the obvious, technology can be a challenge, so it’s understood that anytime you can seamlessly integrate tech solutions, it saves money and helps boost profits.  Without integration, important data is siloed so that manual processes are needed—resulting in wasted resources, lost productivity, and in the end, profit declines.

50% of respondents to our recent survey answered they still use old-school processes (Excel spreadsheets) to analyze bids. 

#1-rated TopBuilder Solutions integrated with Spectrum delivers huge value by allowing teams to easily track, analyze, and then act based on solid data to increase won bids and avoid risky bids.  We empower your sales teams to win.

Check out our recent Webinar and learn how Spectrum client MB Haynes overcame technogy gaps with TopBuilder to increase profits across nine different departments.

TopBuilder CRM for Spectrum Measures and Reports Key Data

  • How many bids have been submitted to a General Contractor or Vendor with ZERO wins
  • Win rates and probability rates by Customer, Estimator, Project Manager, Sales Associate, Job Type, Industry, Job Size, Division/Territory
  • Labor requirements and the complexity of the job to identify any negative impact on profitability
  • Financial or credit issues with the GC or Vendor to ensure you'll be paid in full and on time
  • Current committed jobs against potential new jobs to avoid running into resource shortages
  • What your sales teams are doing on a daily basis to win bids

    TopBuilder for Spectrum Bid Scorecard
Win More Bids.  Win the Right Bids.  Avoid the Wrong Bids.

Forecasting that a bid will be won and profitable before the bid process even begins saves construction companies time, money and unnecessary headaches.  In turn, it empowers managers to focus resources on opportunities with the highest win/profitability potential.

And that’s not all . . . 

With TopBuilder, Spectrum users can manage sales and marketing activities to upsell and cross-sell to their customers after bids are won by converting new construction to ongoing service jobs—all on the same platform. 

Designed and built exclusively for construction professionals, TopBuilder for Spectrum provides the tightest integration of data exchange, built-in analytics and reporting to track, manage, and forecast against sales, along with our exclusive Quote Builder, Job Board, and Marketing Automation. 

Learn how TopBuilder is empowering Spectrum users to leverage data, bridge gaps, and build a winning Strategic Bidding program.
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