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Looking at construction software?

Looking at Construction Software?

In this ebook, we’ll outline fifteen questions you should be asking software providers when you’re reviewing their software. By asking these fifteen questions, you’ll be one step closer to finding the best construction software company for you and your construction company.
8 Unique Features Found in a Construction CRM

8 Unique Features in a Construction CRM.

As many have experienced, mainstream CRMs can fall short in the construction industry. With contractors and home builders needing specific features to help them with the sales and preconstruction process. In this Ebook, we’ll outline a few of the top features that make a construction CRM unique. If you didn’t know these features existed, you’ll be happily surprised.
5 Email Marketing Tips for Contractors

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips for Contractors.

Now, more than ever, contractors need to know how to make their emails stand out from all the noise. To get prospects, current customers, and previous customers to not only open the email, but interact with the content inside. Don’t worry, over the past decade, we’ve sent hundreds of thousands of emails for home builders and contractors. From this experience, we’ve outlined the top 5 components necessary to have an effective email campaign.