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Logos for Landscapers

With TopBuilder, landscapers will get a completed logo package that includes colors & fonts, custom logo design, and brand guidelines.

Colors & Fonts

We start by choosing colors and fonts that will help you stand out in your region and be easy to recognize.

Landscape Logo

Next, we design a custom landscape logo that is easy to use and sets you apart from all your competition. 

Brand Guidelines

Lastly, we develop brand guidelines that explain how to use your colors, fonts, logo options, photography, and more.

Custom Logos for Landscapers

We create professional and eye-catching logos for landscapers. These logos come with a full color palette, font selection, and recommended photography. By using all of these items together and consistently, you’ll be a recognizable landscaper in your area.

Logos for Landscapers | Picking Colors

Picking Colors

First, you’ll receive a custom color palette that will be used across all of your marketing materials. Not only will these colors be easy to use but also they will help you stand out from all the competition.

Picking Fonts

Next, we help you select fonts that can be used across your website and print materials. These fonts must be easy to use and easy to read for potential buyers.

Custom Logo Design

Next, TopBuilder’s custom logo design follows four key stages. These stages walk you through the logo development process and help us end up with the perfect logo for your landscaping company.

Logos Options

Once we have the perfect logo created for your landscaping company, we’ll develop multiple options for light backgrounds, dark backgrounds, horizontal spaces, vertical spaces, square spaces, and more.

Logos for Landscapers | Logo & Brand Design
Logos for Landscapers | Brand Rules & Guidelines

Brand Rules & Guidelines

With every logo design, we build a brand guidelines document. This document will explain exactly how to use the colors, fonts, and logo options created uniquely for you.

Sales & Marketing Materials

Next, we’ll update your sales and marketing materials to reflect the new logo, colors, and fonts designed for your landscaping company.

Additional Services Available to Landscaping Companies.

Use technology to store documents, manage content, and send marketing emails.

Additionally, TopBuilder offers a Construction CRM that comes fully equipped with document storage, content management for marketing materials, and email marketing software designed exclusively for contractors. When you work with TopBuilder, you’ll get a one-month free trial of our TopBuilder CRM.

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Custom Logo Design for Landscapers

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