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Logo Design

With TopBuilder, contractors, construction companies, and real estate professionals will get a complete brand package that includes colors & font choices, custom logo design, and a complete brand package.

Colors & Typography

One of the first steps in this process is choosing the colors and typography that will be used consistently across all your digital and print marketing materials.

Customized Logo

Next, we create a logo that creates uniqueness in the market. This logo pairs the fonts and colors chosen in the previous step with your own unique logo symbol. 

Brand Standards

Lastly, we create a brand standards document that will show you how to use the colors, typography, logo options, photography, core messaging, and more.

Customized & Professional Logos

Our top priority is to create a unique and compelling logo for your company. We do not take this step lightly. Your logo is the face of the company, and it has the potential to make a powerful impact or no impact at all. Once a strong logo image has been created, we’ll make sure all of the elements are used consistently. This consistency will create brand recognition in all your desired locations.

Logo Design | Color Selection

Color Selection

Your color selection helps creates an emotional response to your company and your brand image. It's important to pick the correct colors for your company and use them consistently to create brand recognition.

Font Selection

Just like your color selection, your font selection plays a huge role in creating the look and feel of your company. These fonts need to be consistent across all your print and digital materials to create brand consistency.

Your Custom Logo

TopBuilder guides each of our customers through a four-stage process of logo development. This process will help you create the perfect visuals, including your company's unique logo symbol.

Logo Variations

With the introduction of digital marketing, there are now multiple websites and social profiles that require multiple logo sizes. We will create multiple logo variations that can fit in horizontal, vertical, circle, and square spaces so you always have the right logo.

Logo Design | Logo Variations
TopBuilder Logo Design | Brand Standards Example

Brand Standards

One key component to every logo design is the brand standards document. The brand standards document will show you exactly how to use the colors, fonts, photos, logos, and more in all your digital and print marketing materials.

Updated Marketing Materials

Lastly, we will help you update all variations of your logo to match the new brand standards document. This process will help create brand consistency across all your marketing channels.

Use technology to store documents, manage content, and send marketing emails.

TopBuilder offers a Construction CRM that comes fully equipped with document storage, content management for marketing materials, and email marketing software designed exclusively for contractors. When you work with TopBuilder, you’ll get a one-month free trial of our TopBuilder CRM.

Home Builder Software Dashboard Example

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