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Marketing for Roofing Companies

With TopBuilder, roofing companies will know exactly how to build an efficient marketing campaign, generate higher-quality leads, and sell more roofing projects.

Services Available to Roofing Companies.

Everything you need to sell more roofing projects.

Just like installing a roof, a marketing should follow a defined process. We’ll teach you this process and help you implement any changes, such as web design, SEO, copywriting, digital advertising, online reviews, social media, and more.

Marketing for Roofing Companies | Goals and Objectives

Define Sales & Marketing KPIs

First, you’ll know exactly what your sales and marketing campaigns need to accomplish each week, month, and quarter by developing KPIs for each department.

Sales & Marketing Next Steps

Once we’ve defined your KPIs, we’ll build a blueprint outlining what needs to be changed or created to reach those desired metrics.

Logo Design

Then, having a strong brand reputation makes it easier to be recognized and known in your community. To accomplish this, we’ll help you build or adjust your logo, colors, and text to be more powerful and effective.

Website Design & SEO

Now, having a strong online presence is crucial for reliable and consistent lead generation. Therefore, we’ll help you build or adjust your website, landing pages, and blog content to generate more organic traffic to your website.

Marketing for Roofers Website Design and Development
Marketing for Roofing Companies | Paid Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Next, online paid advertising has the power to drastically increase the amount of people who see your company. We’ll help you build or adjust your Pay Per Click campaigns, social media campaigns, and retargeting ads.

Photos & Videos

Finally, professional photos and videos dramatically increase engagement and conversions. So, we’ll help you create effective imagery and show you how to promote it online.

Use technology to schedule projects, send emails, and track progress.

Additionally, TopBuilder offers a Construction CRM designed to make your sales and marketing simple and effective. When you work with TopBuilder, you’ll get a one-month free trial of our TopBuilder CRM.

Home Builder Software Dashboard Example

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