Simple & Effective

SEO for Roofers

With TopBuilder, roofing companies will know how to find the right keywords, how to rank for those keywords, and how to measure their progress for those keywords.

Know Your Keywords

First, we’ll help you find location-specific keywords for roofers that will help you climb all major search engines.

Implement Changes

Also, we’ll design, develop, and optimize your website pages to help you rank higher for those location specific keywords terms.

Climb Search Engines

Then, we’ll build new reports and tracking tools to help you monitor your search rankings in your local market.

SEO for Roofers - Simple & Effective

SEO or search engine optimization doesn’t have to be complicated. At TopBuilder, we’ll teach you how search engine optimization works and help you create or adjust your website to rank higher in your region. These changes can include website design, website development, copywriting, online reviews, directories, mobile optimization, site security, and more.

Marketing for Roofing Companies | Goals and Objectives

Define Website Metrics

First, you’ll know exactly how much traffic and how many leads you need from your website to reach your revenue goals. Then, this will help us define your SEO and website next steps.

Document Roofing Keyword Terms

Next, knowing what customers are searching online is crucial to building an effective website. Therefore, we’ll document each of these keywords and show you which ones will have the most impact for your roofing business.

Build URL Structure

Once we know what customers are searching, we’ll create a new website blueprint that matches your keywords. This will explain how many website pages we need to build in the future.

Customize Website

Not only should each of your web pages pull in organic traffic but also should convert that traffic into new customers. We’ll help you build web pages that drive traffic and convert that traffic into new roofing leads.

SEO for Roofers | Build URL Structure
SEO for Roofers | Online Reviews

Expand Online Resources

In the meantime, it’s important to expand all your online resources. We’ll help you expand your company directories, Google My Business, company reviews, and more.

Track & Measure Results

Before any changes are made to your website, we’ll install tracking tools to show website effectiveness. As we continue to make changes, you’ll be able to track this progress and see how well you rank for specific keywords.

Additional Services Available to Roofing Companies.

Use technology to collect website leads, send automated responses, and track visitors.

Additionally, TopBuilder offers a Construction CRM designed to collect your website leads, send automated responses to new leads, and alert you when your top leads return. When you work with TopBuilder, you’ll get a one-month free trial of our TopBuilder CRM.

Home Builder Software Dashboard Example

It’s Time to Climb Higher!

Also, we offer a free consultation to discuss your SEO objectives, how you are ranking in all major search engines, and how SEO best practices can help you generate more roofing leads.

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