TopBuilder is proud to announce a successful migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS)!

The migration to AWS has resulted in new performance upgrades for TopBuilder and all of our software. You will notice considerable upgrades in the speed of our software and how quickly it can process your requests.

Additionally, the AWS hosting platform has all of the performance capabilities to grow with TopBuilder, which means you can expect optimal performance from TopBuilder and all of our software.

When did the upgrade occur?

The upgrade to AWS began Wednesday, July 22nd.

Since July 22nd, the TopBuilder Support Team has been working each day to continuously performance tune the system. The result of these numerous rounds of adjustments are minor performance upgrades to the system. These performance upgrades result in quicker response times and loading times for TopBuilder and all of our software.

Why did we make this change?

The TopBuilder Support Team planned on making the switch to AWS at the end of 2020.

However, we discovered our previous datacenter could not handle the increase of additional users. It became obvious our previous hosting provider was unable to grow with TopBuilder.

Once we came to this realization, our Support Team began the switch to AWS immediately.

What are next steps?

The TopBuilder Support Team will be continuously making performance adjustments over the next few weeks. Once these performance adjustments have been finalized, we’ll monitor and make adjustments to the system as required.

Have questions for our support staff?

If you have any questions or notice any bugs in our software, please email our support staff at If you experience a serious issue with the software, please call our support staff at 855.806.6648.

It’s our desire to provide the best possible CRM experience to each and every user. The performance of our system is always a priority.

Thank you for celebrating another incredible milestone with TopBuilder!


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