TopBuilder is proud to announce our new Email & Calendar Integration!

In a nutshell, the new Email and Calendar integration connects your email and calendar to TopBuilder. Which means you can sync your Outlook, Google, and iCloud accounts to TopBuilder.

This new integration opens the door for all new scheduling capabilities for you and your team. Additionally, it helps improve your email delivery rates. I’ll explain more on that below.

What is the Email Connection?

The email connection means mass emails can be sent from your work or personal email. In other words, emails no longer have to be sent from TopBuilder “on behalf of” your company. Since they are being sent directly from you, it’ll say it’s coming from you. Based on recent tests, this has dramatically improved email open rates.

Now, this Email Connection can be used for:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Newsletter Campaigns
  • Individual Emails
  • Follow-Up & Automated Emails
  • Sending Quotes, Pricing, and Proposals
  • Internal Emails (Reminders & Alerts)

What is the Calendar Connection?

The calendar connection means calendar notifications can be sent directly to your calendar. In other words, due dates, appointments, and reminders can be added to your calendar from TopBuilder. This opens the door to all new scheduling capabilities that we’ll be refining throughout the next few months.

Currently, the Calendar Connection can be used for:

  • Task Due Dates
  • Bid Due Dates
  • Client Appointments
  • Newsletter & Email Reminders
  • Estimator Assignments
  • Project Manager Assignments
  • Crew Assignments

Note: We are launching the Email & Calendar Integration in phases. Right now, we do not have the ability to show calendar availability within TopBuilder. We are planning on having that capability in Phase Two. Phase Two is scheduled to be completed within the next 30 days.

How to get started:

Step One:

First, you need to register your Outlook, Google, or iCloud account with TopBuilder. This step will require you to input your email and password credentials to create the connection.

Step 1.1 – Go to the Setup menu; click Setup Email and Calendar Integration

Step 1.1 - Select Email and Calendar Integration

Step 1.2 – From the list of registered accounts, click Register a New Account

Step 1.2 - Register A New Account

Step 1.3 – Enter your Email Address

Step 1. 3 - Enter Email Address

Step 1.4 – Enter your Outlook, Gmail, or other Account Password (TopBuilder auto-detects the account type from the email address you enter.)

Step 1.4 - Enter Password

Step Two:

Once connected, select your account preferences.

Additionally, you will select which calendar you wish to connect.

(You may have multiple Outlook calendars; make sure you select the correct one.)

Step 2 - Select Account Preferences

Step Three:

Set your profile preferences and configure the items you wish to include on your calendar and which ones to ignore.

Step 3 - Enter Profile Settings

Step Four:

Next, register any additional shared accounts.

For example, you may want to send promotional emails from info@ or quotes from billing@. (Repeat Steps 1 and 2)

Final Step:

You are now connected!

Task reminders will now automatically appear on your calendar. Additionally, emails sent from authorized email accounts will be sent from you personal/work email.

You will know the connection is working because you will see the email in your Sent folder.


To view a detailed explanation of this process and for a full list of FAQ’s, please download our Email & Calendar Integration How-To Guide Here.

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