TopBuilder is not just a CRM for construction, we provide all the tools needed to increasing collaboration, communication, organization, efficiency, sales, and profitability throughout the entire business development process. From bid scoring, bid tracking, quoting, job/appointment scheduling, workflow to post job follow-up.

To accomplish this, we obtain input from over 1,000 construction companies a year through trade shows, speaking engagements, webinars, and demos. And we have real-world experience with former positions in construction, engineering, and global/enterprise CRM management.

Any side-by-side comparison with competitive software will clearly show that TopBuilder is unmatched.

Topbuilder Comparison Table

Easy Implementation – Our implementation plan includes consolidating, deduping, and cleansing your data from multiple data sources and systems, branding your emails, and blacklist/spam report checks on your company’s domain.

Seamless Integration – Our software integrates with the calendar and email system of your choice (Outlook, Google, Apple, Yahoo – just name it). All notifications go directly to your calendar – so everything is in one place and synchronized through the cloud – no plug ins. This includes all bids due dates, appointments, tasks, projects, scheduled crews/subs, follow-up plans, and alerts.

Our software integrates with dozens of the leading accounting, ERP, project management, estimating, and lead generation applications.

Frequent Enhancements and New Features – We never stop improving with major and minor enhancements and new features deployed each month based on the changing needs of our customers and the marketplace.

Unlimited Training – We provide our customers with live daily training classes and unlimited email and phone support at no additional cost. We also extend complimentary custom training courses and CRM best practices led by our CRM experts with over 35 years of industry experience.

Competitive Pricing – Our prices are competitive to the marketplace, and we are loyal to our customers – never having raised our prices.

At TopBuilder, we stand by our product, using our software every day and following our own best practices. And while we listen to our customers, we also answer to them as a 100% employee-owned company proven with 14 years of continuous growth.


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