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Quote assemblies are the ultimate time-saver for new home builders. To be more specific, quote assemblies help new home builders speed up the price agreement and contract portion of selling a new home. Quote assemblies do this by helping new home sales agents select a predefined bundle of options, quantities, and prices. In other words, instead of having to price each item individually in a new home, you can select a predefined group of items. These groups or bundles can be entire home models, specific home upgrades, lot configuration options, and more. For example, imagine a new home sales agent is attempting to build a price agreement with a new home buyer. The new home buyer has looked at a number of models and floor plans and loves Model A. Now, for the sales agent to build the price agreement, all they would have to do is click on the Model A quote assembly and it will pull all of the default items, quantities, and prices for that specific home. Now, if the new home buyer wanted to upgrade the kitchen, the sales agent just needs to find and click on the kitchen upgrade bundle available for that home. It would automatically add that upgrade to the price agreement and adjust the price accordingly. Making the process to build and customize a price agreement an absolute breeze. Below, we’ll explore how these quote assemblies work, how they benefit you, and how you can access it if you’re interested. Quote Assembly Example

How Quote Assemblies Work

As mentioned above, quote assemblies are pre-defined groups of items. Once they’ve been built, they can quickly be added to future price agreements and contracts.
  1. Quote assemblies quickly show future homeowners base prices, options, and upgrades.
    1. It can show them these base prices, options, and upgrades for multiple things, such as models, plans, specific home upgrades, lot configurations, etc.
    2. These tools are a great way to work with the future homeowner and explain what options are available and the impact they can have on pricing.
    3. Additionally, these quote assemblies can include concessions. Making it easier to subtract specific items to help stay within a homeowner’s budget.
  1. When they’ve been added to a quote, the quote assemblies will automatically add all of the items included in that group.
    1. Additionally, this will come with preset quantities, display order in the price agreement, and standard pricing for those items.
  1. More than one quote assembly can be added to a quote.
    1. So, if you are building a home, you can select the base model assembly and add extra upgrade assemblies, like a kitchen upgrade or a bathroom upgrade with the click of a button.
  1. Lastly, quote assemblies are organized and searchable by Job Type, Keyword (Description or Manufacturer Name), Division, Territory, and by Creator.
    1. This helps you quickly find the quote assembly you need when you need it.

What are the top benefits?

  1. Yes, time-saving is the top benefit of using quote assemblies.
    1. Simply select the assembly, specify quantities, and adjust the pricing if needed.
  1. It helps ensure all your items are included in a price agreement and contract.
    1. When searching for each item individually, it can be easy to forget something. It’s a common mistake. However, with quoting assemblies, all of your default items will automatically be added. No more forgetting.
    2. Additionally, it can make it easier to show each option and upgrade available.
  1. Build consistency and reduce training time.
    1. As mentioned above, mistakes can happen while developing price agreements. Bring in a few new employees and you’ve added even higher chances something will be quoted wrong.
    2. With quote assemblies, new employees only have to click the right assembly. Once the assemblies been added, they only modify the quantities. This helps them build accurate price agreements without having to know what items come standard in each home or upgrade.

How you can gain access to quote assemblies.

TopBuilder’s Quoting Software is an added package to the TopBuilder CRM. You can add this package to your account by upgrading to our Enterprise level package or it can be added as an A La Carte item to your account. If you’re interested in learning more, please speak with our Head of Sales & Partnerships, D’Lesa Medlin at (855) 806-6648 or by using her (Email). She will demonstrate how the quoting software can help your business specifically. 5 Email Marketing Tips for Contractors

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