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Month: May 2020

TopBuilder Quote Assemblies

How Quote Assemblies Help Home Builders | Quoting Software

Quote assemblies are the ultimate time-saver for new home builders. To be more specific, quote assemblies help new home builders speed up the price agreement and contract portion of selling
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Construction Quote Assembly

How Quote Assemblies Help Construction Companies | Quoting Software

Quoting assemblies help you build quotes quickly. It speeds up the quoting process by letting you select a predefined group of quote items instead of having to select each quote
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Lead Lifecycle & Trending Report

Lead Lifecycle & Aging Report | New TopBuilder Report

If you’re in sales, you know how quickly a sales funnel can become cluttered. There are multiple leads, in multiple stages of the sales funnel, and they’re all moving at
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Electronic Signature

Electronic Signatures & Tracking | Quoting Software

Electronic Signatures are now becoming a necessity in business. Especially now that remote work is increasing, more documents are being sent digitally. This makes sense, sending documents digitally is convenient
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Best Construction CRM Top Features

Find the Best Construction CRM for You

Construction CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are evolving and adapting. Now, more than ever, we are seeing the construction industry needing technology and software to increase efficiency, communication, and collaboration.
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Best Home Builder CRM Top Features

Best Home Builder CRM | Top Features in 2020

A Home Builder CRM is a software system that organizes, manages, and automates home builder interactions with current and potential customers.   Like many other software tools, Home Builder CRM systems
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Best Real Estate CRM | Top Features in 2020

Find the Best Real Estate CRM for You

Real estate agencies are constantly collecting and sending information. With even one home buyer, a real estate agent needs to collect the home buyer’s contact information, budget, wants & needs,
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