Electronic Signatures are now becoming a necessity in business.

Especially now that remote work is increasing, more documents are being sent digitally. This makes sense, sending documents digitally is convenient for both the sender and the receiver.

However, sending documents that require electronic signatures often comes at an expense, especially if you are working with a team. Additionally, this creates another software tool that your team has to learn and use.

Our team at TopBuilder wanted to simplify this process for you. Not only did we want to make it easier to store your documentation in one platform, but we also wanted to make it easier for you to win new projects. Developing an electronic signature option that was built into your CRM became our next objective.

Electronic Signature

How do Electronic Signatures work?

With electronic signature capabilities, the recipient of a quote can sign the document, initial each page, and/or add additional information, such as payment information.

Additionally, these capabilities are designed to work on any device, whether it be a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. In other words, the recipient can use their computer mouse, their finger on a touch screen, or can even insert a scanned signature to the document.

How does Quote Tracking Work?

With our electronic signature capabilities, we wanted to give you insights into how the documents were being received. With this goal in mind, we developed Quote Tracking.

With quote tracking you’ll know:

  1. When a quote has been sent.
  2. When the quote email has been opened.
  3. When the quote itself has been opened & reviewed.
  4. When the quote has been accepted or declined.

These quote tracking capabilities can send you emails and text messages when each action is completed. That way you can stay informed on updates as they happen.

Additionally, we’ve created an option for recipients to specify a reason for declining a quote and the ability to add comments to your quote. That way you can record and track the reasons for a recipient accepting a quote or declining it. All of this information will appear in the tracking information generated for each quote.

Top Benefits of Having Electronic Signature & Tracking Capabilities

  1. Save Time
    1. Most documents are received, reviewed, and accepted/declined within one hour.

  1. Increase Communication
    1. All team members can see quote history and activity.

  1. Collect More Insights
    1. The quote decline reasoning is included in the won/loss report.

  1. Increase Professionalism
    1. The entire process is convenient and works flawlessly for your recipients.

  1. Save Money
    1. You don’t need to invest in an expensive third-party program.

How do you start using Electronic Signature & Tracking Capabilities? 

Electronic signatures and quote tracking are automatically included in every quote you send. However, you can specify whether you wish to receive emails and/or text alerts when the quote is opened/reviewed or accepted/declined.

The tracking information for these quotes can be found on the Manage Quotes page, Lead Detail page, and the Quote Detail page.

Need access to our quoting software?

TopBuilder’s Quoting Software is an added package to the TopBuilder CRM. You can add this package to your account by upgrading to our Enterprise level package or it can be added as an A La Carte item to your account.

If you’re interested in learning more, please speak with our Head of Sales & Partnerships, D’Lesa Medlin at (855) 806-6648 or by using her (Email). She will demonstrate how the quoting software can help your business specifically.

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